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Welcome to the Sentient Future Competition – created by the Embedded WiSeNts Coordination Action, and sponsored by the Deutsche Telekom Laboratories of the Deutsche Telekom AG.

Result Announcement

Embedded WiSeNts aims to advance the development of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and their applications, especially in the form of Cooperating Objects(CO) – along a Research Roadmap toward Visions for Innovative Applications.

Your scenario can be relevant to any area of human activity - social, business or personal - in any setting - the home, office, factory, travel, sport, natural environment, etc.

This competition attempts to explore application areas that could potentially be realized once all the basic technology of Cooperating Objects is going to be in place.

Cooperating Objects are everyday objects equipped with a tiny computer, some means to gather information about their physical surroundings and to communicate it to other cooperating objects or computers. Cooperating Objects may share their knowledge in order to make decisions and perform actions such as raising an alarm, controlling a building's environment, actuating a vehicle's brakes or administering medication to a patient.

In the near future many parts of our environment will include a plethora of sensor nodes - very small, inexpensive computers equipped with devices for sensing or receiving information about the physical world in which they are located and performing simple actions. Sensor nodes communicate with each other and with other computers by wireless networking. They interact to share information and to perform more complex actions. Nodes that interact to perform tasks cooperatively in a manner that has a real effect are called Cooperating Objects.

For example , cars may detect the presence of other vehicles or pedestrians and transmit information about their presence to other nearby cars which may slow down when children are present, or when there is a lot of traffic ahead.

What may be possible in 10 yearstime - we are looking forward to find the most interesting and futuristic Visions for Innovative Applications in the field of Wireless Sensor Networks and Cooperating Objects

Scenarios somewhere near science fiction are welcome!



1 st prize: 6.000 €

2 nd prize : 3.000 €

3 rd prize : 1.000 €



Competition opening : October 1 st, 2005

Deadline for applications : November 30 th, 2005

Notification : January 18 th, 2006


Application submission

Applications must be registered with title and author list at EDAS.

Please submit your application in three steps:

  1. Creation of a personal account on EDAS (if you do not already have one)

  2. Registering your application Click on the SUBMIT PAPER button on your SFC EDAS homepage. You should then see the web form for registering your application submission. Please fill in and submit the form. You will receive an acknowledgement of your application's registration.

  3. Uploading your paper To upload your paper right after registering your submission, simply follow EDAS instructions on the acknowledgement page. Alternatively, you can upload your application later from your SFC EDAS homepage. After submitting your paper, you can revise it at any time before the submission deadline of November 30th, 2005.

General enquiries on the competition, please email to:


Or by conventional mail to:

Sentient Future Competition
c/o Prof. George Coulouris
Computer Laboratory
University of Cambridge

Contributions will be evaluated by a jury from academia and industry.

The finalists will be invited to attend the awards ceremony taking place at the European Workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks 2006 (EWSN) on February 15 th, 2006, in Zurich.


Competition Rules

Download competition rules in PDF format.

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