Embedded WiSeNts

Embedded WiSeNts - Project FP6-004400

Workshop Report on Social Aspects of Cooperating Objects Technologies


Responsible: Center for Technology and Society (CTS/TUB)


This expert workshop was held at November 1-2, 2006 at the TUB. In total 37 persons registered for participation and 35 were eventually present. The central objective of the workshop was to present state-of-the-art research from different disciplines, and to identify the key challenges arising from the current technological developments across these different strands of research. Moreover, it aimed to discuss approaches of socio-technical design that integrate engineering and social research at the meta-level of devising regulation and at the micro-level of shaping applications and devices. Last but not least the findings of the workshop were meant to inform and support the efforts of the Embedded WiSeNts consortium to map the future of cooperating objects technologies.

This report summarizes the presentations given at the workshop and the discussions they provoked. It is organized according to the five panel sessions of the workshop and finally outlines key challenges for future research and policy making.

Workshop Report on Social Aspects of Cooperating Objects Technologies

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